Welcome to Lulu & Nova

Lulu & Nova is a small family run business in South Wales, UK. Owned by Richy, it was created as a result of his wife Stacey’s teeny weeny (read: freakin’ HUGE) obsession with packaging, and a desperate desire for more exciting designs and coordinating packaging items. So, Lulu & Nova was born.

It’s named after their two year old twins Luna (Lulu) and Nova, who are the youngest of five children. They spend their days trying to make running a business as difficult as they possibly can, but fortunately they manage to be pretty cute with it and are mostly forgiven. The older ones make themselves useful by pitching in with the packaging, and making their own lunch. As you can imagine, it’s a pretty full on operation!

Lulu & Nova is committed to ensuring that their products are eco-friendly without compromising on style and function, and if you have any ideas for designs you’d like to see in the future, just get in touch.

Paper tapes were shipped promptly and arrived in perfect condition. The prints are fantastic and I can't wait to use them in my hampers to add a festive cheer!

K - Etsy Buyer
Very happy with my new tape! Very sticky and looks so beautiful. Really adds to my packaging. Will buy here again!
Happy Mail Paper Packaging Tape - Eco Friendly
Etsy Buyer